WATCH: Burglary suspect weeps as judge recognizes him from middle school

I am posting this story because it shows the human side of the court system. This story illustrates that though Judges sit on the bench, and appear to be on different sides than litigants, in truth, both return to the same community. The decisions made in court affect individual lives, affect families, and affect the well-being of our society as a whole. This is why we need a healthy, productive court system that truly protects the rights of litigants, and works to further the cause of justice.

— EJ Perth

About EJ

Parenting Abused Kids (PAK) reflects the personal thoughts and opinions of "EJ" sharing her experiences of surviving domestic abuse and injustice in family court. PAK also includes news and informational articles about abuse and family court issues. The purpose of PAK is to raise awareness of the challenges domestic abuse survivors to rebuild their lives after experiencing domestic abuse, compounded with the struggles of ongoing family court litigation. PAK will also discuss and raise awareness about issues related to parenting children who have been abused, and often present with emotional and behavioral problems. Parenting Abused Kids is not affiliated with any professional group, political group, organization or religious affiliation. My sincere love and support goes out to abuse survivors and their children. I am so sorry for what you have endured, and pray your lives will be filled with the happiness you so deserve. Thank-you for visiting!
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