Legal Abuse – Psychiatric Ploys of Child Custody by Dr. Jeanne King

Abuse is about control and so is litigation. And the perpetrator thrives in this arena. It’s no surprise that battered women going through this ordeal (family court) end up homeless, penniless and childless.” ~ Dr. Jeanne King

In a divorce or child custody proceeding, an abuse perpetrator will often seek sole custody of the child in order to gain power and control over the victim. Abusers also seek custody as a way to deflect abuse allegations, and to portray themselves in a more favorable light. Incredibly, abusers win custody of the children they have abused at high rates. According to studies, an abusive parent will win custody in 70-83% of cases. 

How does this happen? The “Legal Domestic Abuse” video by Dr. Jeanne King exposes common legal and psychiatric ploys used by an abuser to convince a court that they are the better parent. These ploys also work to deprive custody (and visitation) from the safe, protective parent.

Psychiatric ploys are used when an abuser accuses the other parent of being mentally ill, unfit or accuses them of Parental Alienation Syndrome (or any of its by products). If the parent passes a psychiatric evaluation, the abuser will find or create a craziness in the parent – or in the children. Dr. Jeanne King says, “If we can’t establish that the mother is crazy, we’ll establish the children are crazy or going crazy under her care…this is how children become casualties in the abuser’s use of the court in their effort to control and batter their victims.“Misuse and abuse of the mental health system is causing fit, loving parents to lose custody and children to be placed in unsafe situations.

This video describes the legal and psychiatric ploys, and how they are used.

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