Former Volunteer GAL Terri Ann Milstein Pleads Guilty to Promoting Prostitution

Terri Milstein (Source: Pinterest)

(Plymouth, Hennepin County, Minnesota: April 3, 2017) Terri Ann Milstein, a former volunteer Guardian ad Litem, helping children in the legal system, posted ads online under the e-mail address “Angel Hot Girls” and ran a prostitution ring involving 27 identified female victims. Milstein recently plead guilty to a charge of promoting prostitution. 

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Milstein completed GAL training in 2007 and left the program on September 10, 2013, after being charged. She operated a prostitution ring out of several Plymouth area hotels.

Milstein’s attorney pleads for mercy. The victims (and their families) will have a chance to be heard at sentencing.

As part of the plea deal offered, Milstein could face 5 years probation and spend up to 365 days in the Hennepin County Correctional Facility, as well as a maximum of $40,000 in fines.

Milstein has a lengthy record, going back to 1991, involving traffic offenses that include giving a police officer a false name, speeding, driving in a car pool lane as a single passenger and failure to signal turn. In all, there are 32 traffic offenses listed in her criminal history spanning from 1991-2016. Why this didn’t raise red flags with the Guardian ad Litem Program is a serious concern; because it demonstrates a pattern of conduct which could be dangerous to the public, and shows a disregard for the law.

**UPDATE*** Maple Grove Woman Sentenced to 1 Year for Promoting Prostitution

On April 10, 2017, Terri Ann Milstein, a pimp who sexually exploited 27 women lived a double life and served as a volunteer Guardian ad Litem by day was sentenced to 1 year in jail and a $40,000 fine. The sentence also includes 200 hours of community service and five years probation. Milstein is eligible for work release. 

The mother of one of the victims says the sentence is too lenient, and says while Milstein is moving forward with her life, the victims continue to suffer because of her actions.

A Call to Action Blog hears the concerns of the victims, and the community. The Guardian ad Litem Program should be making an effort to reach out to families who had Milstein serve on their case, to hear concerns or answer questions. That is not happening. The State Guardian ad Litem Board has resorted to silence and denial which only fuels the questions, and decreases the public’s trust in the GAL program.

Silence only enables the abuse, and secrecy to continue. Only by standing up with a loud voice, and raising awareness, can we hope to effect needed change in the GAL program. A big part of that change includes improving the Board’s response to the public – and offering more accountability, and oversight of its Guardians.

Let your voice be heard – please leave your thoughts in the comments below. You may also contact blog admin directly at pakcomments @ live dot com. All inquiries will be kept confidential.

Terri Milstein vamping it up on MySpace

In another scandal involving prostitution and a member of the Minnesota Guardian ad Litem Program, Mark Toogood, was arrested for soliciting a prostitute off Backpage in April 2015 and plead guilty to charges. Toogood was the first manager of the State Guardian ad Litem Program and also worked as a GAL Program Manager and a trainer. Toogood also served on the MN State Guardian ad Litem Board.

According to the complaint against Toogood:  The complaint against Toogood reads: “On April 3 at 8:45 a.m., Toogood called the number the officer advertised and, during calls and texts, made an appointment. Toogood showed up at 1 p.m. to the hotel room where the officer was, and hugged and kissed her. He “told the officer that he wanted an hour of her time, so there would be some time to relax,” the complaint said. She told him it would cost $150 and he agreed to wear a condom.”

On July 22, 2015, Toogood plead guilty to “prostitution – hires, offers, or agrees to prostitution in a public place”. He was placed on supervised probation and sent to “John School”.  Toogood was discharged from probation in August 2016.

Mark Toogood Busted in Prostitution Sting: Human Service Employee, Long History Guardian ad Litem Program

Concerned parents and professionals criticize the Minnesota State Guardian ad Litem Board and Program Managers for failing to take complaints, and admit problems in the GAL program. They say unless a scandal hits reaches the media that problems are covered up, and even when shown evidence or proof, the Minnesota Guardian ad Litem Board is reluctant, even unwilling, to investigate or take action.




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  1. scary terri says:

    Terri Milstein is a pimp. The Gal program should offer a way for parents and others involved in her work as a guardian to share concerns and have those concerns heard and investigated. Scary to think Teri used her knowledge and training as a guardian that includes working with vulnerable people to exploit others.


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