CPS Workers, Union Sue Ramsey County – Ask for Whistleblower Protection

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(Ramsey County, Minnesota) In the midst of efforts to reform the troubled child protection system, a local union is suing Ramsey County in an effort to raise awareness of the county’ s “broken child-protection system.”

The lawsuit emanates from complaints that management has interfered with employee’s rights, that workers are so overburdened with caseloads that they fear an at-risk child will get lost in the system, and say they face retaliation when raising concerns.

Jennifer Munt, public affairs director for AFSCME Minnesota Council 5 says the union is fighting for whistle blower protection for the CPS workers,”We are seeking a temporary injunction against the county because supervisors have threatened and disciplined social workers who question the county’s child protection system.

A hearing is scheduled to take place on the current lawsuit on April 25.

Read the article in full for more information on the lawsuit and complaint: Union sues, claims Ramsey County has a ‘broken child-protection system’


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