Family Court Audit Reveals: Caroline Angela Raysor, Deputy Clerk, Embezzling Money from the Court

Caroline Angela Raysor. Source: WWW.WRDW.COM

Routine audit of family court, and it’s programs, is critical to ensure systemic oversight and accountability. Along with the audit must come actual enforcement of recommendations, and a willingness to actually address problems, including disciplinary action or criminal charges if necessary.

This case is just one example of why regular audits are necessary…

(Bamberg County, South Carolina: 1/18/2018) Caroline Angela Raysor, deputy clerk for the Bamberg County Family Court, is accused of embezzling more than $10,000 from the court between July 2016 and September 2017.

Read the Official Release Here: Bamberg Court Employee Arrested For Embezzling Funds

The S.C. Department of Social Services conducted an audit and the investigation is ongoing. Early on in the case Bamberg County Sheriff Ed Darnell said the investigation involved child support money; the exact amount of money stolen has yet to be determined.

If convicted, Raysor could face heft financial fines and spend up to 1o years in jail.

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Court official charged; Bamberg County arrest stems from family court audit


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2 Responses to Family Court Audit Reveals: Caroline Angela Raysor, Deputy Clerk, Embezzling Money from the Court

  1. My trial date is in March. Any new tips on how to cope or how to succeed?

    Have the best day! ________________________________


    • EJ says:

      Hello OMS!!!

      Some of the best advice I have read can be found at “Beware Family Court:What Victims and Advocates Should Know” at: Women’s Justice Center: “Beware Family Court”

      Part I Key Differences Between the Family Court and Criminal Court Systems
      Part II Some Tips for Avoiding the Risks of Family Court
      Part III Some Tips for Handling Your Family Court Case
      Part IV A Couple Tips on Restraining Orders
      Part V When Family Court Rules Against You
      Part VI A Rescue From Family Court Hell

      As far as tips on how to cope.. I would generally say seek help or support privately, and seek resolution in a safe, supportive place so that when you do go to court you can better focus on your case, and the triggers will lessen. If you are a parent who has been court ordered into therapy and your records are being requested and read by GALs, your ex/attorney, mediators, etc It can be really hard to open up or even feel safe in therapy..and dangerous to do so. In that case, I would seek a drop-in support group at a domestic violence organization or other community or faith based group that will keep your confidentiality and does not keep records. Of course, that cannot replace professional therapy…but going to therapy under duress serves no real therapeutic value in my OPINION.

      Another way to cope is to bring a supportive person with you to court and have them take notes. This person must be someone who can be calm and sit quietly, and will not react in court or react to your ex. That can happen, understandably, when people are close to you..but strong reactions may hurt your case. So chose your support person carefully. Their role is to offer you comfort and emotional support, and to take notes on what happened (without adding opinion or side comments) so you can recall what happened in court that day later, or use for documentation or legal reasons.

      It also helps to arrive at court early. If you are DV victim keep safety in mind, this may not be advisable for you. If you arrive at court early – sit on another floor away from your courtroom — you have time to prepare. Prepare could involve anything from reading over your arguments or papers to taking time for self care. Rushing to court at the last minute is also stressful and will increase anxiety. So I generally advise give yourself additional time to get there, and arrive early so you have the time you need to get ready.

      Praying for you and sending support! xoxo


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