Intro: A Call to Action ~ Together We Are Stronger

“A Call to Action ~ Together We Are Stronger” (C2A) is a group of parents and professionals joining together to raise awareness of systemic problems in family court, the Guardian ad Litem program and CPS, and the impact on the families involved. We support, and advocate for, family court and CPS reform.


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About A Call to Action (C2A): The parents involved in A Call to Action have been involved in divorce or custody cases and all have experienced an adverse impact on their family, personal lives and most important—the well-being of their children—due to systemic failures existing in the GAL program, and in the family court.

Sadly, our experiences are not unique – documented complaints about the GAL program have been raised in Minnesota for the last 20 years, and little or no action has been taken to correct the problems or discipline Guardians. Parents are also raising similar concerns about injustices in family court – not just in Minnesota but from every state in the U.S., and even internationally.

Of these complaints, “A Call to Action~Together We Are Stronger” evolved from a thread of comments originally posted on the Parenting Abused Children blog. These comments followed a post, and have continued for several years in which numerous parents reported violations of the Rules of Conduct by Guardian ad Litem, Jamie L. Manning (Hennepin County, 4th Judicial District). Due to the overwhelming comments and concerns raised by numerous parents about Ms. Manning these parents decided to work together to file complaints, and seek meaningful reform in the GAL program by forming the group “A Call to Action”. “A Call to Action” has now grown to include other families impacted by systemic problems occurring in the Minnesota GAL program, family court and CPS.

Read comments from parents with complaints about Jamie Manning, and share:


GAL Reform Efforts: The GAL program receives public funding and serves a public interest; as such it must be held accountable to the public it serves.

Other states have made efforts towards GAL reform. In Maine Governor Paul LePage signed into law comprehensive reform measures for family court GALs. Sen. Dutremble, also from Maine, was supported the new law following his own experience with a GAL, which he said was “one of the worst experiences of my life.” And in April 2014,both houses of Connecticut’s legislature unanimously approved a bill to reform the GAL program that included improved accountability, and better training.

Minnesota has begun its efforts to improve the GAL program with the audit and resulting recommendations (1995) and in August 2015 the State GAL Board has implemented changes to its complaint procedure. Yet there is still much work to be done. 


Be part of the movement for change! The safety and well being of our children is our number one priority! Join “A Call to Action ~ Together We Are Stronger” to take part in our growing movement to reform Minnesota’s GAL and family court system. 

Email “Call to Action” at pakcomments @ live dot com for information on how you can join, updates and events. Please put “A Call to Action” in the header. Updates will also be included on this blog. 

A Call to Action” respects the wishes of those wanting to remain anonymous, and will not disclose information. Similarly, “A Call to Action” will maintain the confidentiality and personal information of all those coming forward, unless expressly permitted to disclose or share information. All names and emails will be kept confidential. If you say specifically in your email that it is OK to do so your name and contact info will be shared with only with the Group for news and informational updates. Thanks in advance for your involvement!

NOTE: WE can not offer legal advise or professional help.


The information contained within this website is of general nature and intended for information purposes for participants taking part in discussions and projects related to “A Call to Action”. Events may change circumstances or information at any time that may affect the accuracy or completeness of the information presented on the “A Call to Action” page. “A Call to Action” has taken reasonable measures to present the content on this page, however, we do not accept responsibility for any loss, expense or liability that you may incur from using or relying on the information sourced from this website, or by contacting “A Call to Action”. Please proceed at your own risk and discretion. This blog cannot offer legal advise, please consult with a qualified professional with your questions or concerns. The comments and thoughts posted on  “A Call to Action” page represent the opinions, interests and thoughts of their individual author alone. The blog editors reserve the right to remove comments that may be offensive, abusive or otherwise inappropriate.

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